Welcome to Worthing Shiatsu

DSCF0748Shiatsu can be beneficial for people with a wide range of conditions and is great for increasing our sense of well-being.

Within and around all of us, life-energy (or Qi)  exists flowing in channels throughout the body. The techniques employed in Shiatsu – using energetic connection and manual techniques can rebalance the flow of this Qi and lead to improved health and wellbeing.

Call Matt Woods FwSS CNHC on 07866 347183 or use the contact form on this website for further details about Shiatsu treatments.

I am pleased to announce that I am treating people hands-on again with some adaptations for COVID-19 but as the therapies part of Henry House is still closed I can only offer treatments from Brighton or Hove venues. Feel free to contact me for further details about this and also about support through online and in person Qigong/Tai Chi classes.

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